Heart Rate Variability

This observation study was carried out in the US by Jason Siczkowycz, a naturopath and NES Health Practitioner. It suggests that Infoceuticals have a positive effect on autonomic function as measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV) scores.

Efficacy of NEStrition

This clinical trial into the efficacy of the NES Herbal product ‘Flamese’ was carried out in Cuba under the supervision of Dr. Maritza Mainegra and Dr. Jorge Luis Campistrous Lavaut, of the then Cuban department of Health – CENAMANT.

Stress and Anxiety

This full scale placebo controlled double blind study was carried out at Holos University, under the guidance of Dr Norman Shealy , a recognized expert in the field of energy medicine, after the successful completion of a pilot study.

Physical Complaints

This phenomenological study was carried out at the University of Teesside in the UK, under the guidance of Professor Anna van Wersch, a recognized expert in health psychology.

Efficacy of NES Therapy

This large scale comparative study was carried out by the Centre for Biofield Sciences in Pune, India, under the supervision of Dr Thornton Streeter, a recognised expert in the field of energy medicine devices.

Biofield Sciences in Pune, India

This is a review of the data collected at the Centre of Biofield Sciences in Pune, India. The focus of this report was to assess the relative efficacy of NES Health treatment on the variety of conditions presenting for the full scale study.