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Practitioner Events

Join us at the 2013 NES Health World Conference from 27th to 29th September in California. Open to NES Practitioners, and other healthcare practitioners looking to explore the potential of NES Health, develop a successful practice and get amazing results for your clients.

NES ProVision

NES Health and its ProVision software are at the forefront of the bio-informational and bioenergetic approach to natural health therapy.

NES miHealth

NES miHealth

Discover the exciting new handheld device that’s set to take health and wellbeing to a whole new level…

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Find a NES Health Practitioner

Our products are available through a network of trained and qualified practitioners – and there’s one near you.

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Explore how, through mastering energy and information, we can heal both ourselves and others with a free download of Harry Massey's "Healing Yourself and Others" ebook


NES miHealth Testimonials

Find out what other people are saying about the NES miHealth – and how it’s helping their work with clients…